About us

Our company

 eWaparts is a company aware of the environment, which provides the necessary tools so that private users, professionals and managers of electrical and electronic waste, avoid the generation of RAEES (waste electrical and electronic equipment) by reusing these or parts from them.

 European legislation prioritizes reduction and reuse over recycling, so eWaparts, through the inclusion in its platform of AEEs shared among its users, intends to make viable repairs with valid original spare parts, which would otherwise pass to the supply chain. recycling or worse, to landfills.

 Each appliance or device that is repaired, or reused, avoids the consumption of raw materials, reduces the CO2 footprint, and contributes to improving the planet economically and environmentally.
What we offer to private users:
We want to facilitate and value the work of getting rid of any type of electrical or electronic device, channeling these devices to local professionals who can diagnose the state of the equipment and can share them with other professionals, in order to repair or reuse other valid parts. equipment.

We want to insist that private users hand over damaged or disused equipment to professionals, who will be in charge of taking advantage of the valid parts and delivering the rest to authorized waste managers.
What we offer to professional users:

Both to technical services and to RAEES management companies, we offer tools that make it possible to recover disused or damaged devices, before they are transported as waste, and destroyed to obtain raw materials. By creating your own spare parts store, from discarded devices, and the set of eWaparts stores, it will be possible to repair and reuse with diagnosed original spare parts, other devices that would otherwise be unfeasible to repair, either by having discontinued spare parts. , or because of its price.

There are also characteristics, such as traceability and data collection of each device, necessary to comply with the European Directive 2012/19 / EU, on WEEE on waste management, so it is a simple tool, which allows to comply with the obligation of RAEES managers to allocate part of the managed tons to reuse.